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We love working with couples to craft a distinctive series of images that will be valuable, timeless a real documentation of their day. Couples, We want you to look back through your photos in 50 years time and remember exactly how it was, as told via your own individual story.
You will find real weddings from start to finish throughout my featured wedding stories and my blog , as well as heaps of other info and resources. Go on, get stuck in and find something inspiring.


Now your wedding film has its own character and narrates your story in the most Aesthetically beautiful manner. It has taken a long time for us to develop our wedding Film style and we take pride in the fact that it is very unique and unlike any other Currently available in the Market . Each of our film has its own style and tells you more About the couple that you can imagine.Our style of shooting films is non-obtrusive and candid. You will not even realize that your small wink to your groom, tear drop at the mandap , the reassuring touch, the exchanged looks , the smiles, the laughter has all been captured and you will able to watch it again in slow motion!

We shoot candid HD videos using DSLR cameras that give us the freedom to move around freely and mingle with the guests. This way we are almost invisible to the people and able to capture purely candid moments. Main focus is to capture your story and combine strong visuals with music to make you feel the moments.
We take interviews of the couples to help us relate to their story. You can choose to get interviews of your family and friends done as well. This of course depends on time frame Available between the functions. We recommend you to take time out specially for this as it is a very important part of filming and years from now, you would love to sit together And listen to all nice things everyone said about you !
We like to keep our wedding films short typically 30 minutes. Apart from this especially edited and compiled film, you also get the entire footage in form of short clips that can be viewed together. If you wish to make a longer film., you can place a special request as well . During speeches or family performances . We can take a continuous recording if informed beforehand.
Since each of our wedding films is unique and does not follow a standard template, we recommend you meet us and discuss how would like your wedding to be filmed !

Wedding Photography

Our style of photography is to capture the essence of the wedding through beautiful visuals. We carefully choose the moments to capture, mostly candid,in a manner that would help in telling your story. Apart from shooting the rituals, we shadow the bride,groom close family and friends throughout the celebration. We like to get to know the bride, groom beforehand and get introduced to close family members so that we know whom to focus on .

Our lead photographers spends some time alone with the couple and takes some formal portraits after they are dressed and ready for their big day!however , if you want a fun & informal couple photo shoot, we recommend that you allot a separate day when you can be more relaxed and get more time with your photographer. All said and done , we also understand the importance of formal family portraits on the Wedding day. If a formal stage meet and greet reception is planned and you want separate photographs with all your guests, we get traditional photographer to take them. We love shooting in ambient light i.e. Without shining bright flashes on your face, which tend to flatten any photograph and the candid moment is lost We like to have a word with your wedding planners./decorators and be personally involved in the lighting process. After the wedding , we like to send you at least a few photographs (3-5) as soon as we can so that you can share them with family and friends online. To edit the rest of the photographs ,we usually take 4-8 weeks because all photographs go through a careful screening process .although we end up shooting over 1500-2000 photographs per day, our screening process helps us delete the repetitive , out of focus or blurry shots . We print beautifully designed coffee table books as well. To ensure that our style matches your expectations, we would love to meet with you and discuss everything in detail.

Mr. Omender Singh

Director of Photography, Gurgaon, India

Mr. Surat Singh Virk

Chief Creative Director, Patiala, India

Mr. Nitin

Chief Creative Director, Gurgaon, India


Wedding Shot


Additional Services

Christchurch Wedding Photographer // Kirsten & Pat


You have to hire your family photographer for the wedding but want some picturesque couple portraits ?! We also do pre/post wedding couple shoots that make you feel like a star ! Fun , romantic, Bollywood, Hollywood, Hi-fashion -Just choose your style and write to us.

Mt Lyford Lodge Wedding Photographer // Lisa & Brad


In your beautiful journey together , we can be a part of every step forward. Let us capture your story starting from couple shoot. Baby moon, baby shower. Welcoming your new born, First birthday, cake smash and occasion you want to make special!

Akaroa Wedding Photographer // Emmelyn & Alven

Photo/Video Booth

Since our focus during the main functions is on couple and the close family and friends, we have a way to ensure your guests dont get away without taking a fun photograph. There are many ways of getting it done. For ideas write to us!

Christchurch Wedding Photographer // Kirsten & Pat

Honeymoon Photography

Taking us on your honeymoon! You are already going to be dressed up, in the best shape possible and at a beautiful location, all you need to do it as take as along to capture your special moments in the most-obstructive way possible.

Mt Lyford Lodge Wedding Photographer // Lisa & Brad

Coffee Table books(Wedding albums)

We personally design all the coffee table books. Once we deliver all the processed photographs we give you an option to pick out the pictures that you like. Once coffeet able books usually has 100-125 images (12*12”, 40 pages). You can choose upon the style, size, number of pages and the quality of print paper (We will give you options for everything!)