Portrait Photography – Best tips & Guide for Portrait photographers

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Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional one, there are moments when your photography skills get tested. One of those moments is when people ask you for portrait photography.

Being the one with a camera, you are supposed to click the most “social media worthy” pictures. It’s easier for a professional photographer to live up to the expectations but for beginners, not so much. From getting a hold of the camera and its settings to owning a unique style, the journey for a beginner “Portrait Photographer” is long.

Portrait photography is one of those types of photography genres that demand a totally different approach towards camera and light setting when compared to other genres such as product photographylandscape photography and abstract photography to name a few.

Even though it sounds a little scary but in reality, it’s much more fun and learning. This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know about mastering the art of portrait photography. At the end of this guide, we will tell you how to build an online portfolio where you can attract customers.


1.Basic Camera Setting for Portrait Photography

While using a DSLR for portrait photography, there are some camera settings that you must be familiar with. Some of these camera settings are ExposureApertureISO, and Shutter Speed. This is the first step towards mastering portrait photography.International Standard Organization (ISO) is the setting that affects the smoothness of your photograph. Higher the ISO, grainier the image. Now, this feature is mainly useful when you move a lot of the subject moves a lot.Now, in order to overcome this obstacle and to prevent capturing the blurry images, ISO is increased. In order to bring balance to your photograph, it becomes important to adjust the Shutter Speed. Faster shutter Speed with the right ISO setting helps in avoiding photography blunders

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